Welcome to the geek:betrieb

I'm Markus, a developer by day, night and probably inbetween. My main interests are development for the web, with the web and on the web as a modern application platform, with a healthy dose of geeking out about more lower-layer stuff as well. Here is where I keep stuff that might be interesting to others as well.


By day I am Tech Lead Frontend at Thinksurance. We provide a digital platform to connect insurance companies and brokers. Our goal is to provide a digital solution for buying and selling insurance, something that is still largely dominated by hefty amounts of paper throughout the process. The Thinksurance platform sits between brokers and insurance companies, helping the brokers find the right type of insurance for their customers and insurance companies to access a greater customer base at lower cost than rolling their own solution.

Open Source

In order to keep myself up-to-date with new technology I'm an avid user and developer of Open Source software. See Open Source for details.


In an earlier life I did a PhD in Computer Science in the area of Satellite Communications. An overview of my work there can be found at on my thesis pages.


A friend of mine once said a computer scientist has to either build or bring down a wall from time to time, or else they go crazy. So I have my miscellaneous projects to keep me more or less sane. Those are mostly not related to computer science or software development, but rather I build stuff, travel, write etc.